BMDesign‘s ‘Alavi house’ is located in the city of Isfahan in Iran, set at the foothills of the Zagros mountain range on the edge of the desert, with hardly any rainfall and year-round high temperatures. To get around this problem, the architects designed the building with a sloped roof to create areas of negative pressure that help to ventilate the building and keep it cool.

Sitting on top of this concrete house is a “double skin”, finished in new invisible Tesla solar cells, to truly make the most of life in the desert. This second layer can be opened or closed, meaning that in cold winter days the residents can open it and allow the afternoon sun to warm the roof while in the hot summer days, this second skin keeps the roof in shade.

With a roof tilted towards the east, iranian based office BMDesign creates effective zones of negative pressure at the climax of the roof helping to ventilate the building naturally throughout most of the year. controllable vents, at the climax of the roof have a sucking effect, together with the large openings to the south of the building. air filters by flowing through a broken line of evergreen trees, over a pool in the outdoors and then by passing over an indoor garden of snake plants, which is known to be a great air purifier, and finally over a pond.

The large glass façade to the south with insulated glazing, invites light and views of the cherry orchard and mountains. the communal spaces on ground floor lead up to a hallway with a library and a small bar on the first floor. both bedrooms enjoy good views of the front landscape and the orchard open up to this space.